Talpa Entertainment Productions.

Talpa Entertainment Productions.

Talpa Entertainment Productions (TEP) is a purely Dutch TV production company. Talpa Concepts is responsible for the creative development of television formats. Both entities are located at Zevenend in Laren. We believe it is important to preserve, enrich and develop Dutch content and media.

Marble Mania Winston 2

Our formats.

Formats developed within Talpa Concepts.
Marble Mania.
Mm Thumb Nosub
Split Screen.
Splitscreen Thumb 2
Hunting Season.
A Quiz For You.
Hit the Road.
Htr Thumb Int

Where content and commerce come together.

TEP Branded Content is the commercial heart of Talpa Entertainment Productions. We offer advertisers a broad platform to integrate their brand and message in a natural way within the Talpa productions. Staying close to the creators and keeping the client involved: that is our strength. We believe it is crucial to let content and commerce go hand in hand.

Seat Home Branded