About Us.

Talpa Entertainment Productions.

Talpa Entertainment Productions (TEP) is a purely Dutch TV production company. TEP is part of Talpa Network, the company within which John de Mol has organized all multimedia activities (think of SBS, Net5, Veronica, Radio 538, StukTV, LINDA.). Talpa Concepts is responsible for the creative development of television formats. Both entities are located at Zevenend in Laren. We believe it is important to preserve, enrich and develop Dutch content and media.

Marble Mania Winston 2

We develop and produce cross media formats within various genres, such as quiz, reality, dating, daily and entertainment shows. Examples include the following ENG and studio shows: We Want More, Hunting Season (TV), Let Love Rule, Linda's Wintermaand, Hit The Road, Who’s Laughing Now, 100 Years Young, 5 uur Show, Koffietijd, Restaurant in Crisis, Marble Mania, According to Holland, 50/50, BINGO the 100,000 euro Quiz, This Quiz Is For You, Star Tracks and the Top 4000 Music Quiz.

Our people.

Managing Team

Alex Doff
Managing Director



Mark van Achterberg
Production Director


Bas Reinshagen



Creative Directors

Branded Concepts

Ramon Mesman
Director Branded Content


Geertje Hoek
Managing Director Concepts


Sebastian van Barneveld
Director of International Distribution

Corporate Communications

Erna Schmidt
Manager Corporate Communications