A Quiz For You.

A Quiz for You.

A Quiz For You is a feel-good quiz show that will change the life of one person in the audience. Two celeb duos try to earn as much money as possible. During several question rounds, the viewers at home can play along via the app. So far, this is nothing new... But there’s a TWIST! On this quiz show, all the money earned by the celebs goes to one person in the studio audience. He or she doesn’t know this yet… but will find out at the end of the show. The question is, how much money will the celebs collect? And how will the person they’re playing for react when the host announces that this quiz - and all the money in the prize pot… is for them? The viewers at home can play along via a special app – with a chance of winning cash prizes!

A Quiz For You - A life-changing quiz

Sebastian van Barneveld
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