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Big Brother…, Deal or No Deal… and the Voice…

With his outstanding track record in creating global hit formats, John de Mol is a forerunner in the industry. Together with his team of dedicated creatives, de Mol is constantly on the look-out for the next big thing.

John de Mol: ‘Even though it’s more challenging than ever to create a hit show in the current media landscape, I still believe there are ideas out there that can go big.’

Talpa’s creative team is all about turning great ideas into strong formats. Our portfolio covers all popular genres: From Talent-, Reality-, and Game shows to Quiz shows, Entertainment, Factual and Dating.

We are on a constant look-out for new ideas, trends, and innovations, using the latest technologies to enrich our connected formats. With an ever-growing demand for content, we’re looking to team up with professional parties with great ideas throughout the global creative industry. Creative parties who want the same thing we want: to see their formats hit the screen all over the world.

What we can offer is co-creation, a global distribution network, in-house production and, most importantly: direct channel access.

Owning four commercial TV channels, covering all key demographics with available timeslots on each of them to test new formats, is a huge beneficial advantage. Launching a format successfully in the Netherlands first, enables us to bring only proven formats to the international market.


We invite you to share your ideas, become a Talpa Creative Partner and get your idea on TV.




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