Marble Mania’s second season is off to a successful start

The first season of Talpa’s marble spectacle Marble Mania proved to be the biggest hit on SBS6 in the Netherlands in five years – and as it looks the second season is following in its footsteps with again some impressive numbers.

Despite some heavy competition it delivered a 17.8 % market share in the 18-44 target group. With almost 1 million viewers, it outnumbered competitor Secret Duets on RTL4 and beat the channel average with 85%. With some brand new tracks and exciting new elements the show is on a roll, also internationally. After France, Belgium will launch their first season later this year, while Germany recently announced its second season.

On each self-contained episode of this marble racing show, three celebrities take each other on. And this time, they get to play in front of a live studio audience. Each celebrity plays with their own color marbles. Each round starts with a skill assignment, where they can influence each other’s success and where the three celebrities need to prove their skills. The better they play, the more marbles they get at the start of the second game of the round: the game of luck. This marble race is all about speed, gravity…. and luck. Although, this time there’s a bit more to it than just sheer luck because each contestant gets to use one so-called ‘game changer’ to obstruct their opponents. The celebrity whose marble crosses the finish line first, earns the most points. After three rounds, whoever’s at the top of the ranking will get the most marbles to start in the finale, in which there is money to be won for a charity of their choice. With an impressive six-meter-high marble run, the finale is the most exciting and nerve-wracking round of them all.

Marble Mania is produced by Talpa Entertainment Productions and distributed by Talpa Concepts.

About Talpa
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