Co-developing next level adventure reality

Talpa Creative Partnerships (TCP) is all about joining forces to bring unsurpassed content creators to the fore and working together to create captivating content.

Each creative partnership is unique, but our collaboration with Monday Media has been one of our most impactful. We were immediately captivated when Monday Media and creators Wim van Dam and Jourik van der Vorst came to us with their bold idea for a new adventure reality show called Million Dollar Island. They came to us because this was a big-scale, high-risk project for which Talpa would be the perfect partner. With the ambition to take adventure reality to the next level, we started co-developing the idea further.

Productions like these require the best in the business to produce them. That’s why Monday Media – with their track record in adventure reality, such as Survivor – produces the show, and Talpa distributes the format. It turned out to be a partnership where both parties benefitted and complemented each other and where a great idea made it to the screen.

The project was set up and produced during the first Covid-19 lockdown. We managed to pull it off with a great production team and the support of Talpa. I truly enjoyed Talpa’s ‘make it happen’ philosophy.

Wim van Dam

Format Creator

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