Romania is next in line to conquer Talpa’s The Floor

After a successful run in the Netherlands and major broadcast commissions from France and Spain, Talpa’s extraordinary quiz show The Floor has found its next home in Romania.

The quiz show will be produced and broadcast by Kanal D Romania, part of Dogan Media International. The show is set to air – weekly, primetime – in the fall of 2023. Further information about the production will be communicated by Kanal D Romania officials soon.

The Floor’s first season in the Netherlands scored impressive ratings on RTL4, with an average market share of 24% in the key demo. The local #1 SVOD platform, Videoland, obtained the second window, and The Floor was the most-watched entertainment show on their platform. More announcements are to be expected soon.

Sebastian van Barneveld, Talpa’s Director of International Distribution is thrilled to see the format travel even further and at such a high pace. “The Floor’s flexible arced structure ensures all markets can localize and enjoy this high stakes combination of strategy, gameplay and knowledge.”

Clara Bomboe, Programming and Strategy Director of Kanal D Romania, adds: “We are very excited to have The Floor among our formats. We are constantly investing in quality content and we are already trendsetters on the smart quiz and game show segments, with some successful productions. We believe we can enter another level with the spectacular and dynamic The Floor. We’ll have an experienced internal production team work on the project.”

About The Floor
In The Floor, 100 quiz fanatics face off in quiz duels on a giant LED floor divided into one hundred equal squares, each representing its own field of knowledge. The goal is to conquer the entire floor and take home a huge cash prize. The rules are simple. A random contestant challenges an adjoining opponent in a quiz duel. They play against each other in the category of the opponent’s square. Categories range from ‘famous athletes’ to ‘Hollywood actors’ and from ‘iconic buildings’ to ‘mammals’. All questions are visually supported by photographs. The winner of a duel conquers his opponent’s square, gaining more ground – the loser leaves the game. The further the game progresses, the more exciting the duels become and the higher the stakes. After eight episodes, who will be the last person standing on The Floor, winning 100.000 euros?

About Talpa
Talpa is an independent global content house for non-scripted formats based in the Netherlands and founded by John de Mol. The company empowers creativity to produce next-level content that connects people within their homes and around the world. Talpa holds exclusive access rights to premium broadcast and streaming channels in the Netherlands and Germany and has proven to be a successful breeding ground for content creation since the dawn of the industry. Many of today’s evergreen entertainment brands originated at Talpa and are now blueprints for the international market.

About Kanal D
Kanal D Romania is part of Dogan Media International S.A. and, since its launch in 2007, the Group has been consolidating its media operations, including two generalist TV stations (Kanal D, Kanal D2), Radio Impuls and the Digital Division. Dogan Media International has continuously strengthened its market position with an innovative approach and unique content, connecting the public to relevant information and quality entertainment through a complex media package and a multi-screen experience enabled by the latest technology. This vision brought a new breath on the Romanian media market and differentiated Kanal D from the other competitors and thus, Kanal D reached the top 3 generalist televisions in a record time, often ranking 1st and 2nd positions both in Day Time as well as in Prime Time.